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The Southwest Academy of Kyokushinkai Karate grading syllabus provides a clear pathway for students to learn and improve. Grading examinations are held at regular intervals throughout the year.

Students must submit their application form and grading fee prior to the grading date to be eligible.

Qualification to grade is based on:

   Time at current level.

  Authorisation from Sensei's.

  A minimum of 80% attendance from the previous grading.

  Competence in all aspects of the syllabus for the level required.

  Completion of a written test with 100% score.

Note: For children there are advanced grades within a belt color range. For example yellow belt with black tips.







10th Kyu-Jukkyū 十級

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9th Kyu-Kukkyū 九級

8th Kyu-Hachikyū 八級

7th Kyu-Shichikyū 七級

6th Kyu-Rokkyū 六級

5th Kyu-Gokyū 五級

4th Kyu-Yonkyū 四級

3rd Kyu-Sankyū 三級

2nd Kyu-Nikyū 二級)

1st Kyu-Ikkyū 一級

1st Dan-Shodan 初段

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4th Dan-Yondan 四段

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